Chelsea Francis is a photographer, editor, connector, and all around people person out of Austin, TX. She's most passionate about helping others see the beauty in their own lives, a good cup of coffee, and a great slice of pizza. When she's not answering emails, she's editing pieces for Pass/Fail, hosting networking events, and shooting and editing photographs for incredible companies both in Austin and elsewhere.

Instagram:  @jarcy_

Instagram: @jarcy_

Jordan Cooley - Associate Editor

Jordan Cooley is a writer and self taught artist in Austin, TX. She graduated from Texas A&M with a degree in English and has worn many hats, including Slam Master and President of a poetry non-profit called Mic Check, financial analyst for JP Morgan, researcher and executive assistant for AmeriCatalyst and now bartender at Better Half Bar. Each day, she is feverishly working towards becoming a better ally, a more nuanced writer, and a woman who accepts the goofy slips and slides of life. Follow on Insta @jarcy_ and on Twitter @jrcooley_ to see what kind of falls she makes on the daily.

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Tara Johnston is a freelance hand lettering artist, muralist, and designer born and raised in Texas and currently living in Austin. She focuses on creating custom lettering works for businesses local and abroad. She is known for her bright color palettes, playful letterforms, and fearlessness to push the envelope with her work. When she’s not painting walls or drawing letters on her iPad, she’s usually on the hunt for two things: live music and a great old fashioned cocktail.