A Letter From The Editor: Ch-ch-ch-changes!

As I'm writing at my desk, in an office I can still barely even believe the universe sent to me, I can hear the hum of our neighbors saw going at full blast. I'm a weirdo, and when I write I need the room to be totally silent. So the circular saw is droning on, as loud as you might imagine it being. In my office, which is no less a gift from heaven above (that I pay rent on every single month) I can hear a saw because our neighboring office builds furniture and does fabrication. That's right. The saw will be accompanying me as I write for the foreseeable future. The office is still the dream, and in many ways has already made me better at owning my own business (or three!), but it isn't perfect. 

In the same way, Pass/Fail is everything I've ever dreamed of, but it also isn't exactly what I want right now. A lot of times a content strategy shift happens behind the scenes, and a readership isn't informed of it, but right now, to the hum of the saw, it feels right to let you know what we're doing and why. 

A few weeks ago, I hosted an event in Austin and a clairvoyant transformation coach happened to be doing 10 minute readings for attendees. I'll admit, I tend to be a skeptic when it comes to stuff like that, but after speaking with her before the event, I knew I wanted to sit down with her. I asked her about Pass/Fail and with no context of the site, she told me that I needed to give you guys a place to go in addition to normalizing failure.

While I'm still not super decided how I feel about the Great Beyond sending me a message, she's totally right. You do need resources, pieces, and content based around how to attain success. After all, understanding failure should propel you forward. 

I've also been seeking sponsorships + content partners. This platform needs money to grow, plain and simple, and I don't want you to have to subscribe to use our site. I can solemnly swear that I will only be seeking to partner with people who get what we're about at Pass/Fail and who offer services, products, or content that you might benefit from! And as far as spending that money goes: It will go to paying contributors to write, and hiring an art director.

All of that is to say, you might see a few changes around here! And those changes are good!


One last bit of news: I want to introduce you to our first official hire, whom you already know! Des Magness! Des is a photographer and is currently pursuing her BFA in Photography at Parsons School of Design in New York City. She loves shooting portraits, traveling anywhere, and eating tacos every single day on her visits back home to Austin, Texas. She just moved back to New York City for the school year, and we couldn't bear to stop working together. Des joined on as our Social Media Coordinator, making us a mighty team of two!

Photo Aug 19, 3 57 46 PM.jpg

Thank you for being here, for reading the words that we publish, and for liking us just the way we are. If I could, I'd send all of you flowers. This photo will have to do. As a consolation, I'll just keep making this website as amazing as I know it can be. 

Chelsea Francis