Letter From The Editor: Currently

Good morning from Austin, TX. It's incredibly hot here and there are no signs of slowing down that don't look like the temperature gauge going from reading three digits to reading two digits that starts with a 9. 

I've been beating the heat by escaping totally to the Pacific Northwest for a few days. My husband and I went for our anniversary and I didn't work at all outside of responding to a few emails that came through labeled urgent. It was blissful. 

While I was away, our intern Des began completely owning our social media. With her help there, an autoresponder in the inbox, and posts scheduled every day for the 10 days I was gone, I was able to completely unplug knowing that Pass/Fail readers would have no clue I was absent and that was one of the biggest successes I've experienced in my life.  Who knew? 

With that being said, Pass/Fail is going so well. Much better than I could have ever expected. Outside of the obvious problem, which we knew we would face pretty early on, of needing more contributors and trying to figure out how to make sure they don't all look just like each other. I've always wanted P/F to be an avenue for diverse voices. My biggest struggle with this online mag thus far is making sure that it is. And for goodness sake, if you want to write for us, email me!

Outside of that one piece of the puzzle, the rest is going well. I feel like we've landed on a rhythm that works for us for now with our posting frequency in this space. Our Instagram community is engaged and welcoming and growing. It means the world. 

Personally, I've been in a very introspective place lately. My husband and our roommate are out of town so for the past few days I've been on my own which for me, in the past, has been jarring. Once my husband went out of town for a week and I wasn't able to get myself to sleep while he was gone which opened up a whole other set of problems because I like my sleep y'all. 

This time has been completely different. I made plans with friends, I had a few sleepovers, and I managed to sleep like a baby on the other nights. This is me just bragging about this accomplishment because I am very proud.

I did have one big thought that I've not been able to escape lately that I wanted to share with you, hence the Monday morning editor's letter. 

Lately, I've been thinking about this concept that failure and success are equals. They work like a batting average almost. The more shots you take and going for it, the more shots you're going to make. Meaning in a way, the people who experience the most successes are the people who have also experienced the most failure. It makes me wonder why we dishonor failure so much as a culture, because to me failure and success are old friends. They work right alongside one another and it's meaningless to separate them. Afterall, what is success without the road you took and the lessons you learned to get there? 

I guess what I'm saying is that I don't think failure is the enemy at all. I think it's a passenger. 


Chelsea Francis