Feel Good Friday // June 14th, 2018

Hey y'all! Chelsea Francis here, checking in from my new shared studio space. It has been a whirlwind of a week. This week was my first full week in my new office space and I have been here nearly every day at around 6:45 AM ready to work. This new schedule has been wonderful but has definitely presented its own set of challenges. Now I leave my house so quickly to work that I need to figure out what to do for breakfast, and by the time 1 in the afternoon hits, I'm exhausted and ready for bed. I'm adjusting though and I am loving it. 

I wanted to introduce you to a little weekly series we're going to be doing. It's going to a weekly check-in from me, as well as a roundup of things I've been loving from the internet this week. The nature of this website is hallmarked by being vulnerable and sharing failure, talking about works in progress, and publishing things that can be heavy. We will always make space for those things. On Fridays, we're going to try and keep it light and share some things that will make you smile. 

Without further ado... 

By far the best news story I saw this week was about a sweet raccoon that scaled to the top of a skyscraper in one of my favorite cities in America, Minneapolis. The raccoon spent the night on the windowsill of the 23rd floor, and finished his journey straight to the top where he was rescued and then set free back into the wild with a full stomach and a new found lease on life. 

It was posted a few weeks ago, but one of my favorite bloggers, Olivia Muenter, published a great piece on the five things she never does on Instagram. I found it incredibly helpful for my internet aged heart. If you've never read Olivia's blog you're totally missing out. She's a writer for Bustle and she's always got something incredible to say whether it's about body positivity, what makeup you need in your cosmetic bag, or how to make the best out of what life throws your way. She also has a cute dog, a cute apartment in New York, and, on occasion, she'll Instagram story her tipsy skincare routine and it is a gift from heaven above. Yes, I'm obsessed with her. 



I mentioned earlier that I have recently started getting up early to come into the office before traffic gets bad. This means my alarm starts yelling at me to wake up around 5:45 AM every morning. It's been an adjustment, to say the least. This morning I found this great article from Into the Gloss about why being a morning person is awesome, and it made me feel like I was doing something right. ::sips fourth cup of coffee:: 

Red alert! Red alert! If you've been following me over on Instagram, then you might know I went to LA and fell in love with a clothing company called Big Bud Press! I walked into there LA shop bought this pink poppy t-shirt, this airbrushed baseball tee, this California souvenir t-shirt, and this great jr varsity tee faster than I just typed this sentence. Anyway, Big Bud just came out with new shirts this week. I just ordered this "I'm Tired" shirt and in exchange promised myself I'd go through my t-shirt drawer and get rid of all the old shirts I never wear. 


A few weeks ago I launched the Pass/Fail Instagram post and people began tagging me in the comments of some incredible things that were what I've come to call 'failure positive' like this hat from People I've Loved that I really need to order. I've absolutely loved it. It makes me feel like I'm on some awesome team that just wants you to know it's okay to be you. Someone very early on directed me over to this podcast called 'How To Fail' and I am hooked! They talk about everything from the worst dates they've been on to what it looks like when you fail professionally and get back up again. You should totally check them out because if you're here, they're probably your jam! 


This one is really close to home for me because I share an office with Caroline, the founder of Luella. They recently released a beautiful line for the summer time and each and every single item is perfect. My favorites? If I had to pick one I'd pick the 'Your Butt Looks Good tee' and the 'Don't Mess With Texas Women tee' and the 'Tiki Drinks tee'. But I mean, who could really choose just one? 

One of my favorite people on the entirety of the internet is Kelly Krause. I cannot handle some days that I get to be friends IRL with this incredible woman. She pens pieces for Camille Styles about living kindly, a phrase which has revolutionized my life for the past two years on an almost daily basis because of her. I've been loving this piece about living intentionally in 2018 and this piece about changing your perspective lately, and her latest piece with Danika Brysha is a must read!

Human angels Ariana Grande and Troye Sivan made a song together that I cannot stop listening to and Pitchfork wrote about it and linked to the sweetest video of Troye Sivan and it made my day so I'm sharing it here. 


One of the biggest differences from working at home to working from an office that I've gone through is the sheer amount of music I've been listening to. It's been insane. I knew I wanted to make a playlist to go with this post, and I simultaneously watched a ton of Handmaid's Tale this week-- so this is a female ruled playlist inspired by the power of words. I hope you enjoy it. 

And saving the best for last: I wanted to talk about personal style. Last year my closet, and by proxy, my attitude and self-confidence were revolutionized by this great workbook called Feel Good Dress Better. It's a workbook that helps you assess your closet, determine your personal style ID, and figure out a game plan to shop for clothes that look like you. If you haven't checked it out, now is the time. Recently, Feel Good Dress Better's Nicole Seligman began offering curated shopping lists and it's a service that every stylish person who is just trying to be the best version of themselves needs. And isn't that all of us here? 

And that's all for this week. Thanks for reading & supporting Pass/Fail! Just you being here means the world to me! If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below!

Chelsea Francis