Dear Future Self,

Written by Ndi

Failure is the foundation for success. As a young adult, I thought about what it is I’m passionate about and what I would like to do in life. I went from talent to talent, then finally set my heart on jewelry making and clothing design. My objective was to inspire the masses through what I like to call my “God abilities” or (God-given gifts).  After years of working in retail and coming home being uninspired, I was so frustrated to get to the next thing, to do more in life and with it. Each job was a building block to put me into a position where I would end up working for myself (but I complained my way through most of it). I specifically asked God to help me to use my gifts to not only be profitable but to engage, inspire, and encourage. It’s hard to close your eyes not knowing the outcome of things, especially when you love being in control of everything.

I had some regrets, wishing I would’ve learned all I could at each job to make things easier in the years to come. It took some “unlearning” being truthful with myself and stepping out of just doing what I wanted to do or what I thought was the best thing for me at the time. This method of thought created a cycle of repetitive disadvantages ( i.e. starting over, overconsumption, wastefulness, negative thought patterns). I produce the greatest when “my back is against the wall”, stopping and taking a look at what you already have, learning to use what you posses to meet future needs.

Make sure to change your outlook about the process, don’t rush things, operate at the pace of grace, and engage fully, being present to what you’re experiencing. Unravel the layers of life to find purpose, tapping into divine frequency, and overcoming. The real version of you can’t be overlooked. People can be your shadow but they cant walk in your light! Each failure is a tiny crack that breaks your wholeness, only the potter, which is God, can fill in those missing spaces. Being obedient is what gets Gods attention and faith is what keeps it. Things that happen are not happening to you but for you. Sometimes we can make up in our minds what is difficult before we even try. Ignite your power by cultivating gratitude, increased self-awareness knowing that everything you go through will prepare you for your destiny, live in each moment idyllically.

From my present, conscious, evolving, resourceful self.


I'm Ndi, an avid collector of sorts. Inspired by culture, texture, and color; cinema, music, writing, and photography are passions that help to induce my concepts. From an early age, I’ve had a love for jewelry, invading my Grandmothers jewelry box of strung pearls, vintage pendants, and clip-on jewels. I remember helping my mother and her best friend merchandise their brick and mortar when I was a preteen; fascinated by their resale finds and observing the way she, (my mother) sourced and styled, set the stage for my future. Self taught, I began designing jewelry in 2007 and clothing in 2010, using any and all resources available as experimentation, this has created a staple in my brands aesthetic. I’ve worked for companies such as, Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters, World Market, and Forever 21. 

Currently, I’m a full-time business owner of the brand TRIBE AND SOL in Houston, Texas. Our mission is to make the unconventional artistically functional. We have always been size inclusive from the very start, embracing all cultures and all curves creating an inviting space for women to open themselves to their highest vibrational form through design and communal effort. I love traveling, spending time with family, and being supportive to my community. l enjoy connecting with others, learning new ways to improve life for myself and those around me, and creating beautiful visual content.

Chelsea Francis