To myself, embarking on my 33rd trip around the sun,

Written by Britni McCotter

Dear Britni,

Writing you as you embark on a journey to celebrate your 33rd year around the sun. The most remarkable thing about life are the experiences you gain and the relationships you cultivate, and it is no coincidence that they almost always converge - its serendipity in its finest form. Your path, your journey of self-exploration has lead you here. To this moment. Right here. Right now.

All of those times you told yourself you couldn’t do it, you managed to prove yourself wrong. You were able to overcome times of hardship and tragedy, and overcome. You learned more about your strength through your struggles. By leaning into your vulnerability and shame you became more open and more aware and sensitive to the changes on your path. You now recognize how these experiences impact your present moment, and your future response to the challenges life throws your way.

You are always surprised when others mention your bravery. You don’t see yourself as brave, I mean most superheroes wear capes, but you are. You face things head on. You welcome the challenge with open arms and don’t look back. You see, bravery isn’t something that you can hesitate on. In the face of dire circumstances: grief, loss, heartbreak; as well as in the best parts of your life: moving to a new city, starting new jobs, going to graduate school; you have always been brave. You didn’t think twice about putting on your coat of armor as you headed into the bravery battle.

Life isn’t about resistance. It’s about learning that the only permanent thing is impermanence. Our best experiences of life come from how we react to great events, tragedies, traumas, and love, not how we respond. Daily, we have a choice to ride the wave of life as organically as possible. When we fight it, we suffer, we get frustrated, we limit our true potential to live our most authentic self.

The most recent challenges you have faced have forced you off your chair, and out of your comfort zone. They have made you more sensitive to the energy of those you surround yourself with. They have impacted the ways you show up and honor your best asset: yourself. Most importantly, these challenges have taught you how important it is to embody and show love because the world needs it.

My wish for your 33rd year around the sun is to continue to shine your bright light. To honor those that you have lost by being true to yourself. Live with your heart open. Experience new cultures, adventures, and friendships. Cultivate getting outside of your comfort zone as often as possible. Take new risks. Read a bunch of books (yes, physical books). And recognize that this path we call life is really a wonderful journey.

With Love,

Photo by Chelsea Francis

Photo by Chelsea Francis

Britni McCotter is the founder of Ocean and Arrow, a health & wellness coaching business. She is passionate about inspiring and empowering others to live their very best lives. As a health and wellness coach she encourages her clients to follow what feels good, and what sparks joy. She is a 200 HR registered Yoga Teacher, MBA, and spiritual warrior. When not serving others, You can find her on her mat and meditating. 

Chelsea Francis