Totally Booked: This Will Only Hurt A Little by Busy Phillips

Let’s get the important business out of the way. Every chapter of Busy Philipps’ book, This Will Only Hurt a Little, is titled with a song. I made it into a playlist for everyone to enjoy, feel inspired by, and dance around to. And yes, Live Through This by Hole is an album and not a song.

If I am being honest with myself, I have very little in common with Busy Philipps. I started realizing how wonderful Busy is during my freshman year of college. I binged Dawson’s Creek and then Freak and Geeks with my roommates. We all wanted to have the spunk of her characters. When she started gaining more fame for her painfully true Instagram stories, I was on the bandwagon with everyone else. I was so excited for her book because I thought another chance to get an inside look on her life and relate even more.

I related very little to the stories in her book.

But like I still loved every minute of it. I wasn’t as rebellious of a child or as free spirited as Busy was growing up in Arizona. However, I love the way she told her stories. The whole book reads like an evening of girl talk and glasses of wine. She makes side comments to the story in parentheses like she is in the room. I love this writing style. Probably because it is how I find myself writing. She is a good story teller. True she is an actress and it is kind of her job to be a good story teller but there is something about her raw honesty that makes it all so approachable.

I would like to note that the book is not for the faint of heart. It should probably have some trigger warnings for a few chapters. A few times I found myself holding my breath as a sped read through her story. But y’all, she talks about those hard things and how they shaped her into who she is. She is able to note how they have changed her as a mother and how they have challenged her marriage. She calls out moments when she was lucky and didn’t experience the hard stuff like others in her career. The cover is Pepto-Bismol pink but Busy tells her stories without any sugar coating. Even though she is the younger sister in her family, her book reads as though she is your big sister telling you gritty stories behind closed doors after you parents have gone to sleep. It is the truth.

What a world it would be if we all told our stories like that? There is no shame in her writing. There shouldn’t be! Her stories are how she remembers them. There is no need to feel shame about the stories that shaped you. There is no need to feel shame for saying you need help or crying because you are overwhelmed. I am so thankful Busy wrote this book as a reminder to tell our stories, the painful ones, the funny, ones and especially the ones that challenged us.

I 10/10 recommend reading it so you get the real stories, not the InTouch magazine version of the stories. I recommend reading it so that hopefully you too feel encouraged to tell your stories in the most honest way possible. Also, hot gossip about Katie Holmes, heck yes!

Hiya! I am Katie Ann. A few months ago I was living in Glasgow, Scotland working in community development and church ministry. Now I am the Kirk Gleason (Gilmore Girls) of my hometown. I will do just about any part time job, only if I can drink coffee while doing it. I am in that fun times of your mid twenties everyone likes to call ‘transition.’ It is very uncomfortable for me but red wine and dog cuddles are getting me through it. I share my adventures online @alwayskatieann.

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