To Accomplish More, Do This One Thing Before You Start Your Day

The most important thing that has allowed me to do more is ‘nothing.’

I’m talking about meditation, of course.

Meditating has improved my short-term memory (like remember grocery lists), has allowed me to “trust my gut”, and get me out of emotional ruts.

Meditation clears the noise and lets you think and act with a clear head. It increases productivity and helps you operate with a locus of control. And if you always operate from a place of control, 100% of Beyonces polled agree—you will be on a roll!

So ironically, increase productivity, you have to get completely free of the ‘busy.’

How about that moment you wake, before you start your day? Because as soon as you touch your phone and you allow it to let you know what you have to do or who to respond to, your day is starting you.

So do something first that tells your future self that you’re worth giving a damn about!

I’ve practiced this 20 Minute Yoga Nidra Meditation consistently for the past 3 years and counting.

The reason I like Yoga Nidra is that it keeps you aware so that you’re not completely sitting there staring at the back of your eyelids. You set an intention, you do a body scan, you do a breathing countdown. It gives your ‘monkey mind’ something to ‘do’!

A few tips before starting a practice:

  • Physical activity before my meditation lets my mind relax faster. If you already have a morning workout  practice, do meditation right after.

  • Find a spot that’s not your bed. If not your consciousness is completely at stake and we want you to stay awake.

  • Avoid your phone / email / news until after practice. If not, you’ll get pulled in many mental directions and you may not find your way back to YOU.

Here’s my recommendation for AM meditation before you start your day.

  1. WAKE

    Self explanatory:)

  2. SHAKE

    Do a little physical activity to get the blood flowing. Pull up SoundCloud and alternate do jumping jacks and modified / regular pushups for the length of a song.

  3. TAKE 10 to SETTLE IN

    Find a cozy spot that is not your bed to either lay down or sit upright on a comfortable rug (shags are my favorite).

  4. BEGIN day with ease and OK NOW look at your phone / e-mail.

When we are able to do something before we start our day that honors and nurtures us, we can show up as our best for everyone we know and loves who deserves it.

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Image By Ashlee Newman

Image By Ashlee Newman

Alison Tugwell is a certified life and business coach who specializes in working with multi-passionate creatives to achieve their many ambitions with clarity, focus, and joy. She loves salt on her sweets, shameless wordplay and playlists for every road trip and ex-boyfriend. You can find her at

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